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Lexington Downtown History Tours

The downtown walking tour is a 1.5-mile walking tour of historic areas of downtown Lexington starting at the Lexington Visitors Center at the renovated old Courthouse on Main Street. The tour will take about 2 hours with a 15-minute stop about 2/3 of the way through the tour to discuss many of the important individuals who walked Lexington’s streets and discuss the pertinent historic events that occurred in Lexington. 


Cemetery Tour

The Lexington Cemetery has more than 500 Confederate and 1,100 Union veterans buried there along with numerous individuals who were critical to the history of this country. The tour takes about two hours and points out the graves of many of these significant individuals and discusses their importance, including 6 Confederate generals and 2 Union generals.   We will meet for this tour at the Henry Clay Monument at the cemetery.

Tour Guide:  Your tour guide, Phil Maxson, is a Lexington native and has been teaching classes and leading tours for the University of Kentucky OLLI program for the past seven years. Classes he has taught include:  “Kentucky and the Civil War,” “Camp Nelson,” “the Invasion of Kentucky,” and “Kentucky’s Lincoln.” He also has led multiple history tours of downtown Lexington, the Lexington Cemetery, Camp Nelson, and the Perryville Battle site. Phil is a lover of history with a degree in history from Centre College.

Henry Clay Memorial at the Lexington Cemetery
Henry Clay Memorial at the Lexington Cemetery

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